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7 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Commercial Cleaner

    Nothing draws complaints from tenants and visitors more quickly than dirty and cluttered public areas or unsanitary restrooms in your commercial building. If you’re thinking of outsourcing vital cleaning services for your business property, here are seven important items to ponder before settling on the best commercial cleaning service for your needs.


    1. Ask for References


    Ask the cleaning company for names of businesses that utilize their services and follow up on the references they supply. Inquire about reliability, customer service as well as the work ethic and professionalism of employees.


    2. Review the Equipment


    Inquire about the vacuums, floor scrubbers, and cleaning solutions they will use on the contents of your building. Ask who maintains the equipment, and how often it is replaced.


    3. Learn About Cleaning Services and Processes


    Question exactly what services they perform and how they clean specific areas. For example, ask them to detail the daily cleaning of restrooms.


    4. Determine Scheduling


    Every commercial property has different scheduling needs. If your building houses offices or retail businesses, you may want to schedule cleaning after hours. If you manage an apartment building, it may work better to do cleaning during daytime hours. Make sure the service you hire will accommodate your schedule.


    5. Evaluate Professional Appearances


    Remember that any cleaning staff reflects directly on you. Look for cleaning employees that dress appropriately and treat tenants and guests professionally without causing disruption.


    6. Inspect Insurance Coverage


    Before signing any contracts, ask to see proof of insurance for damage and liability coverage. Make sure your property, tenants and the cleaning employees are protected from any mishaps.


    7. Examine the Price and Contract


    Make sure you understand the price and everything included, such as cleaning solutions or equipment repairs. Watch out for hidden fees or add-ons.


    Hiring a commercial cleaning service for your property often makes financial sense, but it is important to evaluate the company thoroughly. If you’re looking for a reliable, experienced commercial cleaner for your building, contact Blink Facility Solutions at 803-670-8795 for a free estimate and consultation today.