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A Clean Environment Enhances Productivity

    When employees walk into a clean, tidy office first thing in the morning, they typically feel a renewed sense of purpose and a fresh start to the day. Evidence of yesterday’s problems and frustrations has been emptied with the wastebaskets. Freshly wiped counters, mopped or vacuumed floors, and dusted surfaces all invite an organized approach to the workflow. Here are some important reasons to provide your workers with sparkling surroundings to carry out their duties.


    Send a Positive Message

    When you provide spotless and sanitary work areas for your employees, you are demonstrating that you run a professional enterprise in every way. Dirty, cluttered surroundings make it hard to convince staff members that they should aim for high standards in their work. Providing a clean environment also assures your workers that you value their contributions.


    Encourage Organization

    Clean floors, counters, and storage areas encourage everyone on the team to keep their personal workspaces organized and free of clutter. This increases productivity when less time is spent on searching for files and other important information.


    Provide a Healthy Environment

    One of the biggest enemies of workplace productivity is employee absences due to illness. Proper cleaning processes and excellent sanitation can go a long way toward preventing the spread of germs, improving air quality, and encouraging good hygiene habits such as frequent hand washing. Sanitation becomes critical in shared areas, including restrooms, break rooms, and small kitchens.


    Keep Employees Happy

    Even people who may not be great housekeepers in their own homes dislike working in a dirty, cluttered facility. They may feel unsafe using the restrooms or sharing microwaves and refrigerator space. In contrast, almost everyone feels comfortable working in spaces that are kept sparkling and sanitary. Workplace cleanliness generally contributes to employee retention.


    Providing clean, sanitary workspaces for your employees tells them you appreciate their contributions, expect professional conduct, value their health, and want them to enjoy their surroundings. If you are ready to provide your workers with the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation, contact Blink Facility Solutions by calling 803-670-8795 today for a free estimate.