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Green Cleaning Benefits Everyone

    It’s not often you can make a business decision that pleases so many of your stakeholders, but going green with the cleaning products at your facilities is a win for everyone. Most individuals agree that keeping chemicals and pollutants out of our air and water sources benefits all of us, and many people are passionate about their concern for cleaning up the planet. Beyond environmental issues; however, there are a surprising number of other advantages to using green cleaning solutions.

    Please Your Employees and Customers

    More people than ever base purchasing and employment decisions on the environmental efforts of the businesses they patronize. When you let employees and customers know you are moving to green cleaning products, it sends the message that your business takes concerns about the planet seriously. Beyond that, employees and visitors will enjoy facilities that smell pleasant and are free of chemicals, bleach, and ammonia odors.

    Extend the Life of Your Equipment, Surfaces, and Floors

    Harsh chemicals and cleaning solutions may erode counter surfaces, dull floors, and compromise the exteriors of valuable machines and equipment. Even in restrooms, strong bleach, ammonia, and chemicals may shorten the life of sinks, mirrors, toilet seats, floors, and counters. Green products also tend to furnish longer-lasting results.

    Save Some Money

    When green cleaning products first came on the market, some of them tended to cost more than traditional chemical-laden items. With the increasing development and use of green products; however, many of them are actually less expensive. Whether a cleaning service makes use of natural cleaners such as white vinegar or purchases manufactured green cleaning supplies, they may be able to pass cost savings on to customers.

    If you’re ready to help the earth, as well as your business, by going green with cleaning products used at your commercial property, contact the professionals at Blink Facility Solutions today. We will be glad to fill you in on the environmentally friendly products we use and give you a free estimate for keeping the cleaning at your facilities green. Call 803-670-8795 or email us today!