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Green Cleaning

    We make it easy being green

    “Green” is a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot these days. But where others stop at prefacing the names of their normal services with “green,” to gain a customer, Blink continues to deliver, proving their resolve to be genuinely environmentally friendly.

    This innovative approach to facility cleaning was designed to help clients not only pass, but exceed the standards of excellence needed to be LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified – a must for any organization serious about environmental protection.

    Not only does Blink clean with products and chemicals that are ammonia, bleach and phosphate free, but they have integrated green cleaning into all aspects of their sanitization process, from the minute they step foot into your location to the way they dispose of their waste at the end of the day.

    Why clean green? Other than the benefits of being LEED certified and being on the top of the Green Building Rating System developed by the US Green Building Council, it helps your community as well. Many commercial cleaning products can unknowingly enter the local soil and waterways, causing irreparable damage to the environment.

How many things do you know that benefit both your bottom line and your community?

    Looks like it is easy being green.

    So whether you are in Raleigh, Charlotte or throughout the Carolinas, give us a call today!