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How Dirty Floors Could Be Hurting Your Business

    Whether we like it or not, people are judgmental. They like to talk about how well something has been done, and they love to talk about how poorly something has been done. The floor of a company facility or office building is something many people notice—particularly if the floors are dirty. This applies to dusty hardwood or tile floors, faded out or frayed carpeting, and dingy linoleum. For a business, floors are an emblem for the rest of the company and customers might think, dirty floors mean a poorly run company.


    Top Reasons to Keep Floors Spotless


    There are many good reasons a company should pay special attention to its floors. These include the following:


    • To protect the health of its employees
    • To promote productivity
    • To prevent damage and excessive wear and tear
    • To project a positive image


    Dirty floors contain dust, food particles, and allergens that could cause illness or respiratory discomfort in employees. It’s no exaggeration to say that clean floors could reduce sick calls. Unclean floor surfaces also could have an effect on employee morale and decrease a person’s energy. Spills on carpeting or wood floors that are not cleaned up immediately can break down the materials in the floor, resulting in a reduced lifespan for the flooring. Perhaps most importantly, dirty floors detract from the positive image a company is trying to maintain.


    The Advantage of Commercial Cleaning


    Professional floor cleaners have the equipment and experience to take care of a company’s floors. Not only will a top company get the floors looking good and free of debris, they will also do a much deeper cleaning. This will rid the indoor environment of germs and allergens that result in sickness.



    Blink Facility Solutions can help a company enjoy the many benefits of professionally cleaned floors. Not only will the floors look great but they will last longer and provide a clean environment for workers. Call us at 803-670-8795 or send an email to contact@blinkfscharlotte.com today!